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Imagine you have an idea of designing a mobile app or any other application. ildirim idea
Most managers of software companies have the same wishes. Most of time they have opportunity for big projects, but fear and weakness doesn’t let them to start and accept the project.  
Look at the below model. Maybe you can achieve them. I think we can cover some part of these weakness or we can improve the abilities.  
In implementation part we can solve some problems that leads to speed, reliability and better approximation for project development and management. In next chapter I will clarify some details about this solution. 

What is ildirim?

Ildirim is a web-based and cross-platform application that helps software companies to produce their software up to 100 times faster and more reliable because of preventing human mistakes. Amount of efficiency depends on project size, the bigger the more effective.
The core of ildirim consists of Templates and a Scripting language for using in all languages. For more information about this system and details about this language you can visit http://api.ildirim.com . Actually ildirim can recycle and reuse most of programming knowledge in every company. Even if the owner of the knowledge is not present.

Who are customers or clients?

All companies that produces software. And there are programming tasks inside that company. Which companies may get more profit of using this product?
Software companies that produces MIS, TPS or any software that uses some native or global template or method in software development. This means if your company is working based on a cyclic or repetitive method, then you can automate many of programming processes by this software and ildirim will help you more than you can imagine.

What are properties of ildirim?

  1. Multi language that provides a platform for designing software in any language.
  2. Cross technology that means you can design your apps in every technology that you want.
  3. Cross platform. You don’t need any special OS to run this tool. You can use it even from your phone.
  4. ‎Easy to learn and use. Any company can dive into this product in less than 8 hour.
  5. Many ready to use templates. That helps your company and prevents struggling invent your new way.
  6. ‎Extensible by customer. Even if you have a native solution for solving your problems you can use it and generate your templates.
properties of ildirim

Which technologies used for building ildirim?

Clients will pay for ildirim

There are other solutions. Why customers will use ildirim?

At the moment known solutions are
  1. Using BPMS.
  2. CLI of frameworks help in many initial states.
  3. Form generators accelerate the process of generating applications.
  4. ‎CASE applications generate project.
Ildirim is similar to a CASE application. But it acts like a CLI. And finally it generates as well as form generator.
What about BPMS? Most of BPMS systems are based on process of data and uses BPMN as a documentation model for processes.
These systems need more time to implement and training time in organizations and is very expensive. And time consuming for middle or small businesses. Then we understand BPMS and walk away from that field. Our solution don’t touch to BPMS but I can say that ildirim can used in a project that produce a BPMS itself.  

Clients will pay for this, because of:

Clients will pay for ildirim

In current time, how people solve their problems?

ildirim is a problem solver

Project naming reason

Why this name?
Ildirim in Azerbaijani means the lightning or thunder. That is facilitator or sign of rain. And the purpose of our project is to facilitate and accelerate the process of producing of your ideas in "IT" world like as thunder in rain.
But acceleration is not the only achievement …
What is the story of ildirim?
properties of ildirim
I'm interested and I have a question
I'm willing to learn and buy this product
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