Who we are?

We are a diligent team and we love finding new ways to help other software companies and programmers.
In Ildirim we challenge to find new ways to facilitate programming.
We believe that Developers can do more productive. We want to awake the creativity within.
Technology is here to help us all ...
Ildirim wants to harness the experience ...

The tale of solving problems ...

14 years ago when we started proffesional programming, we struggled with many problems such as human resource management, learning and teaching technologies to our team, code generation, time limitation and many other problems that we think you know as a CEO or leadership of a company.
These problems leads to we think again. All of our world are regenerating the way of software development process. Nowadays we see new methodologies, frameworks, IDEs and even new programming languages every day. Everything growing fast in this world. Softwares are the main part of today's world.
So we think need for finding efficient development ways are growing.
We invented our form generator for internal use. but we found out that form generator is inefficent.
And we started again. We tried a new report generator, BPMS systems, new frameworks and many other ways in 14 years.
The latest result was amazing.
The new solution was that we need to save creativity and replace repetitive jobs with a system.
We think Ildirim is latest and the most effective solution for these problems.

What ildirim does for you?

Using ildirim gives to you ...

Mohammad Nouraein
Seyyed Jalaleddin Hosseini
Elmira Shafiei
Software Developer
Davoud Yousefi

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